The DeBraux Parker Foundation, Inc.

We aspire to help children read and write effectively…one word at a time.

The DeBraux Parker Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the reading, writing, and language skills of children, youth, and young adults by encouraging them to become lifelong learners.  Our programs are designed to foster a greater appreciation and involvement in the language arts and make reading and writing a fun learning experience.






11 comments on “The DeBraux Parker Foundation, Inc.

  1. cassey on said:

    I have a book that I started writing a few months ago that is almost finished. I am interested in knowing the steps I must follow once the book is ready to be published. I do not know much about the publishing business but I am willing to learn. Can you please provide me guidance on how to publish my book.


  2. Stephanie Burroughs on said:

    We are interested in Story Time. Please send us the information.


  3. kylan mabry on said:

    I really want to do the book club reading with kalani and I really can not wait to do it if I can and this is kylan ms. parker kalani,s friend you know who I am and I still can teach you how to dougie bye enjoy the rest of your day enjoy!!!!!!

  4. La-Toya Lawton on said:

    How do you register for the free online grammar and writing classes? My email address is already registered to receive email notifications from this site. Best Regards.

  5. Ayomide' on said:

    We are also interested in story time.

  6. Attey Harper on said:

    I am so proud of you, Mrs. Parker! Thank you for being an inspiration to follow your dreams!

  7. Sabrina James on said:

    My daughters ages 9 and 11 and I, there mom are interested!

  8. Gaynell on said:

    I am interested in the Free Writing on-line class. What grade level is this class for? Please let me know.

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